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Enrollment and Forms

 school registration
Welcome to Clayton County Public Schools

The following items are needed to enroll your student into Clayton County Public Schools. You will enroll your student at the elementary school he/she is zoned for. You can locate your child’s zoned school by visiting the main page on our website: and click on the link on the home page ‘School & Bus Locator’. Enter your home address and click ‘Go’. The name of the school in which your child is zoned to attend will be displayed. If there is a message which states ‘there is a problem’ you may call the Clayton County Public Schools’ Transportation Department at 770 473-2835 to obtain the information. You will need to bring all of the requested documents below to complete enrollment at your child’s school:

Valid Identification
Parents and/or legal guardians must provide a valid proof of identification with a current picture.

State-issued birth certificate or legal proof of birth
The parents names on the birth certificate MUST match the parent identification. Hospital certificates are not acceptable. Official copies of birth certificates may be obtained from the Georgia Department of Human Resources Vital Records.

Student's Social Security Card or Waiver

Georgia Department of Human Resources Certificates of Ear, Eye and Dental Screening
A current and complete ear, eye, and dental examination on the Georgia Department of Human Resources form (form 3300) is required by state law. This exam must be within one year of the school entry date. May be obtained from Clayton County Board of Health located at 1117 Battle Creek Road Jonesboro, GA 30236 678-610- 7199.

Georgia Department of Human Resources Certificate of Immunization
A current and completed Georgia Department of Human Resources form (form 3231) is required by state law showing immunizations for polio, whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, 3 doses of hepatitis B, 2 doses of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and 2 doses of varicella. May be obtained from Clayton County Board of Health located at 1117 Battle Creek Road Jonesboro, GA 30236 678-610- 7199.

Two Proofs of Residency

Mortgage Statement 
    Current Utility (gas, telephone, power, water and sewer) monthly statement  
Lease/Rental Agreement     Current bank, credit union or other financial institution documentation
Property Tax Bill     Employer documentation (health
insurance, W‐2/1099)
Current Driver's License      Motor vehicle registration(tag receipt)
Voter’s registration      
All proofs of residency must be in the parent's/guardian's name and dated within the past two months. When an Affidavit of Residency is used, the proofs of residency must be in the home owner’s name.

Grade Placement Document
A current withdrawal form or report card with grade placement for the current school year.